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Uniport Admission is out for 2016/ 2017

Hello, The news reaching us is the uniport admission is out but the school is yet to bringout its screening process and also its points/ cutoff mark for admission in 2016/2017 session. once it is out i will update you all. for now stay focus and safe


How To Earn Online Using Swagbuck

Swagbuck is a search engine similar to Google, yahoo, except it reward its member with swag points for using the search engine to search out information as you normally do in other search engine, you can earn a lot from swagbuck, they have many prices or gift you can redeem using the points you have accumulated, there a lot of price such as gadgets like ipad, laptop, video games, phones, almost all type of gift cards etc, but what I love to redeem with my points is the amazon gift cards, which I use in shopping at the amazon store online. Got my first solar charger from amazon store using the amazon gift card I accumulated from swagbuck. You can earn a lot from swagbuck, as a student, home mother… register now

450 points = $5 amazon gift card


 You may ask


How can I earn swagbucks point?

The good news about swagbuck is that you do not start from zero to accumulate point, rather they give you 30 points automatically when you signup, then you can start earning more swag points in different ways including:


Searching the web

Rather than using the normal search engine, just login to swagbuck and enter what you are searching in the search bar and you will occasionally win swag points and also get what you are searching because it works exactly as Google, the points vary, ones you win swagbuck points a small screen will show asking you to enter the captcha code to comfirm you are a human, after that the swagbuck points wiil be added to your account, you can earn 6 to 20 swagpoints , also search on Fridays (every Friday) known as the mega swagbucks day, where you can win up to 1000points in search, but have not seen who won such an amount but I have won about 50 swag point during the Friday search. Most times how I get points in search is to bookmark the search I have down, I mean every particular search I do, I bookmark it, bookmark up to 8 to 10 search, so any time I login, I just keep clicking on the searches I bookmark and I will win point maybe after 7 to 10 searches


Daily poll

Here you get 1 swagbuck point every day when you answer poll question, such as do you love eating potato yes or no etc



You earn swagbuck also when you shop in big sites like amazon, Ebates etc using the swagbuck portal to access them


Refer friends

You can refer you friends to swagbuck using the referrer link in your account, the interesting benefit of inviting your friends to swagbuck is you earn exactly the same amount of point your referrer earn, for example if the one you refer earn 100 points why searching or taking a survey you earn the same 100 points doing nothing, you can earn up to 1000 points and more



You also get points when you complete a survey you can earn up to 70 points or more in taking survey, though survey do not come every time


Watching video

Also you earn point watching video, you can get about 3-4 points per video


Many more ways to earn points in swagbuck, as you get familiar with the swagbuck you wiil discover many ways to earn


The site is for everyone worldwide, but mainly for the us and Canada, you can participate and get your reward through gift cards, there are lots of gift cards, paypal gift card is included too. But those in the usa, Canada, and other European countries can redeem with other prices, also I recommend the ucweb browser for international countries to enable you use the search engine to accumulate more points. Signup now to swagbuck


If you have any question you can comment below