6 key to live an excellent life

1. Humility: the attitude of "who is like me" or "who is my match" is often very disastrous to a person who want to live an excellent life, humility is possessing the nature of a lamb- weak in appearance but strong inside, if you want to get to the top, you must pass through the road of humility, humble yourself, if you really want to live an excellent life.

2. Service: In services one's skill is sharpened, people potentials are examined and exposed when they serve, service is connected to humility, because if you are not humble, you can't serve, lets take an example from a young man named David, he didnt have a good job, but he was a humble boy, who likes serving others, David went out early in the morning to exercise, on his way, he say his neighbour an elderly man washing his car, he quickly took the cloth and water from the man and wash the car for him, the man was very happy and thank david, david kept on going to the mans house every morning to wash his car, A day came when the man called david and told him that, he is about to travel overseer and he will not return anymore, he gave his car, house and 10,000 dollars to david and left. You see, to serve others have a great reward in future.

3. People you associate with: This can make or destroy you excellent life, you can be where you are now in the next 20yrs, the only thing that can help you go front or back (positive or negative) are the kind of people you associate with, you can not associate with a person except two of you have a common goal, if you want to live an excellent life, you must dissociate yourself from people who do not have vision to live an excellent life and also from people whose character has no trace to God.

4. The books you read: Reading good books will increase your desire to get to the top, those who read bad books are always influence by what they read, because any book you read will either influence you positively or negatively, so read good books e.g the richest man in babylon

5. Persistance: Champions are known for their persistent spirit, because no matter the difficulties they face, they will never give up, so be among them.

6. follow God: let us go to the begining, just as fish cannot survive without water, so man can not survive without God, excellent life starts when one traces his link to God#

What is life/ what is life all about

Life is a state of living, it has never be one sweet song all through, it is an experience everyone is passing through every day by day, life is much more of learning, the more we live the more we learn, life is full of game play, but always remember the repercussion (the consequence of every action you take), because the way you make your bed is that same way you will lie on it, never do things because others are doing it, but do it because you are doing the right thing at the right time in the right place, life is very expensive, handle yours with care, it has no duplicate, many today are misusing their life opportunity, thinking that they are the smart ones, but at the end they regret when it is already too late, shoulder never grows taller than the head, so why not follow gradual process, from one step to the other, how to begin is to begin, what ever our hands find doing, we should do it with all our mind, don't keep friends that will
destroy your life, because this life journey cannot be completed on our own, it is only by the grace of God Almighty, because He is the reason of our existance, we are to learn lessons from others mistake.
Life is all about choice, why i said so is because whatever you see someone do, he/she has already made such a decision in his/her mind before exhibiting it, we can overcome life thorns with patient, endurance, self control, hope, love and faith in God, no matter what life turns out to be, lets learn to face it with great courage, poverty has caused many to misuse their life, challenges are meant to be face, so lets face every challenge that comes our way with confidence, life is precious so never envy or think evil against anyone, instead be a helping hand to your friends, brothers, sisters, neighbours etc. The sky will be our limit, there is nothing so precious in this world, except you serving God with all your life, the wealth, riches and material things you gain on earth is all vanity upon vanity, because the very day you breath your last breathe that is the end of the world for you, so don't allow God to meet you unprepared#