How to be successful in life (donot want to be a failure)

To be successful in life is a personal task, a task you need to take personally, success is not for everyone, it is for those who are able to follow the step to success which i will list out:
1. Hardworking: To be successful in life, you must be hardworking, no matter the area you specialize either skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled labour, you must be hardworking, hardworking shows your zeal or hunger to be successful, if you are not ready to be hardworking, you are not ready to succeed, because these is a vital role anyone that wants to be successful should not miss.
2. Focus: To achieve a great height, you must be focus, there are many people you see on the street today, who are not successful, they may be hardworking, sometimes you ask "why are they not successful ?" it is because they donot have a focus, they are not aiming anywhere, all they know is to waste the little resources they are having in things that are not relevant, you have to be focus knowing that you have a target which is to be successful.
3. Determination/believe: To be successful in life, you must be determined, determination is the pillar of success, any who want to be successful must have determination, believe in yourself, believe you will make it in life no matter the situation you see around you, always trust in yourself knowing that one day, you we be in a greater height in life, many are not successful today, because they donot believe in themselve, those who are succeeding in your class, workshop, offices etc. Do you think they are better than you, if you think so, you are making a very big mistake, those great men and women you see arounod you, such as your boss or teacher do you think it is because they are very brilliant that made them to be in that height today, if you think so, you are making a very big mistake, to be intelligent or brilliant donot make any one successful in life, what makes you successful is your determination and believe, do you know why i said so, it is
because many who are brilliant back them in school are no where to be found among those who are successful today, it is only few who made it, when you check those who are not brilliant in school then, most of them are the boss in your office, workshop and other places, the secret to thier success is there believe and determination in themself, so no matter the level your are now, donot give up, donot look down on yourself, believe you will be successful in life and that is how it we be for you.
4. Courage: To be successful in life you must be courageous, you must not entertain fear, always believe yourself, have that boldness inside of you. Donot think as a failure, always think positive in every thing you do, donot allow negative thought to overshadow you, always resist those thought when it comes to your mind
5. Persistance: To persist is to continue doing something in spite of difficulties or oppression, to be successful in life you must persist, to be successful is not an overnight act, it is a continues act, you might not be successful at first, but as you persist continuoly, you will succeed, check back in history you will see successful men and women, also check their record, you will no that they where failures, they have failed many times, but right now they are successful, the secret to their success is that they keep on persisting, no matter how many times they fail, they donot give up, so donot give up if you want to be successful in life
6. Do what is right: Finally, do what is right both in the sight of God and man, if you are one of those looking for a fast (overnight) way to be successful, sorry for you, because you will not succeed, there is no over night way to be successful, you must be hardworking, focus, determine, courageous and persistant to be successful, always ask the Almighty God to help you through Jesus Christ, do you know why i always end with God, it is because He is the supreme being that answers all things, remember anyone who says in his heart that there is no God is a fool....psalm 14:1#


How to get wisdom (all about wisdom)

Wisdom is a gift from God, but wisdom as a word is foolish, those who have wisdom are very wise, but outwardly they are foolish in the eyes of many, you find wisdom more in places where we have low class people, but few in the high class people, I so much love God, he knows why things are that way, wisdom can make a man or woman rich, if he or she wants to, but for those who are poor, it is not because they don't have wisdom, most of them have wisdom, what separate a great man from others is wisdom, there was a man that has wisdom, he is a poor farmer and because of that, he was not recognize in his community, a time came when another community stronger than their own community came to attack them, every one was crying including the king, but the poor man who was not recognized, told the people that he has a solution and all including the king doubted him, he went to the other community as a prophet and gave the other king a gallon of water which he
poison (drug), he told the


How to be great in life/develop your integrity

1. Respect the properties of others : When working under someone or organisation, try your best to take good care of the job giving to you, donot take what donot belong to you, when ever you borrow a thing, try to bring it back in good shape, i mean the way it was giving to you.
2. Listen an respect the opinion of others: Try not to see your opinion as the best and only, you must not accept all what others say, but respect there opinion, donot always say it must be like this, listen to others, you can get little advice that may change your life positively in future.
3. Always try to be peaceful with everyone: To be peaceful is one of the attribute that makes a great man or woman, try your best not to be a trouble maker, but be someone who makes peace and settle matters, Greatness is not wealth, it is a way or behaviour that makes you unique and respected among thousands.
4. Defend those who are oppress: There are those who donot have someone to stand for them, especially those of the low background, and because of that the rich or strong ones, overpower them, if you want to be great in life, you must stand for those kind of people, seek for justice, struggle to make sure they get their liberty.
5. Help those in need: Always help others no matter the little you have, because a man who has ten oranges and cannot give one, we not even give ten if he has hundred oranges, no matter the level you are you can help others, no matter the background or behaviour they act towards you, you have to help them. Put remember if you are great, you are wealthy because greatness brings richest.
6. Enlist the help of others: Go to those who are great to seek advice and secret of their greatness.
7. Integrity: Integrity is the act that makes you great, greatness and integrity are close brothers, you cannot do without them.
8. Finally God: God is the giver of greatness, ask him to help you.
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