Five mechanisms of sitting to read

Many students cannot sit down to read even for at least one good hour but if you cannot sit down to read for at least two hours every day, you cannot be a good student. Students who want to read for at least 2 hours every day must apply these studying skills.

The environment where you can stay and read will encourage or discourage you from long-time reading.
i) To find a good environment for reading, you must consider the two environment that exist i.e. quiet and noisy environment.
ii) Then, find out within yourself where your brain can be comfortable.
iii) Most students and their brains prefer quiet environment for reading more than those of noisy environment, just like me, i like quiet environment when i want to study such as library, quiet classroom etc.

If you want to sit down and read for at least 2-3 hours everyday, you must consider your health and also perform some physical exercise before you sit down to read.

For health conditions, you must not read when you are having any form of body pains or disorder e.g stomach ache and headache because your mind will work best only when you are sitting down to read under a good health conditions.

For exercise, it is very important that you will engage in a little body exercise so that you can stretch every part of your body. You can believe with me that some people will start having pains just 30 minutes after they have started reading around their neck and around their waist which is as a result of poor immediate body exercise before you sit down.

You can sit down and read for at least 3 hours if you can form the habit of looking into your books often especially on daily basis. If you can decide on your own to choose any particular time in the day to interact with your book may be, 3-4, 3-5 or 3-6 ie 1, 2, 3, hours respectively everyday, reading will become part of you.

The mind is likely to be ready to read and study if a permanent time of the day is provided for it and also the mind will perform its various functions if they are taught so.

To cover enough class work, rapid reading and increasing your scope of understanding, you need to improve your reading ability, you can improve your reading abilities if you start reading materials that are abstract in nature e.g Newspapers, Magazines, Novels and Articles, it will increase your level of reading and understanding abilities.
The more you practise this habits, the more you increase your vocabulary and the speed at which you understand words and its meaning.

You can form a group of three or four for a combine studying because two heads are better than one.

Share the topics in different courses/subjects among yourselves so that each person should prepare for the area given to him/her for the next meeting. Then each person should prepare a set of questions for a test from the area he/she covered and then score each person in the group.

Through this activity a lot of class work will be covered and also prepare ahead of examination period.

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