How to get wisdom (all about wisdom)

Wisdom is a gift from God, but wisdom as a word is foolish, those who have wisdom are very wise, but outwardly they are foolish in the eyes of many, you find wisdom more in places where we have low class people, but few in the high class people, I so much love God, he knows why things are that way, wisdom can make a man or woman rich, if he or she wants to, but for those who are poor, it is not because they don't have wisdom, most of them have wisdom, what separate a great man from others is wisdom, there was a man that has wisdom, he is a poor farmer and because of that, he was not recognize in his community, a time came when another community stronger than their own community came to attack them, every one was crying including the king, but the poor man who was not recognized, told the people that he has a solution and all including the king doubted him, he went to the other community as a prophet and gave the other king a gallon of water which he
poison (drug), he told the

king to give all his solders the water to drink, telling the king that the water we give them power to conquer the other community, the king did as he said because he thought he was a true prophet, after they all drank the water, the prophet left, during evening the solders all died, the poor man came back home and told his people the good news, they where all happy and celebrated him. These man has wisdom, but he used it negatively for the help of his people, if that he used his wisdom positively he could have been a rich man, God gave every one wisdom, many has forsaking theirs and many are using theirs negatively, making wealth they will not enjoy with peace of mind.
what you have to known is that God is the only one that gives wisdom, ask him to renew your wisdom, the way to do that is by becoming a Christian, accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord an Savour and Believing he died for you, that is the first thing to do, Jesus will renew you, change your life positively, he will give you wisdom that will make you great in life, Satan (the devil) gives a fake wisdom that will lead you to destruction (HELL) Because satan wisdom are always negative, they are use for evil, God give the true wisdom why not ask him now. Check below to see my post on how to be great in life. Please i need your comment and contribution#


  1. Happiness lazarus22:13

    Yea i really enjoyed it,is a life changer and is extremely taughtful

  2. Happiness lazarus22:18

    Yea i really enjoyed it,is a life changer and it is extremely taughtful


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