How To Choose A Career As A Student

 Let's take a quick meaning of a career before proceeding on how to choose a career as a student. According to the new edition of Longman dictionary, "A career is a job or profession that you have been trained for, and which you do for a long period of your life". Having defined the meaning of a career, let us talk on how to choose a career as a student. There are many existing careers in the world, but I will group them for a better understanding.
Some careers involve knowing "how" and "why" that is, the area of natural science. e.g. meteorology, astronomy etc.
Some involve recording, categorizing of information and performing mathematical operation on data. e.g. computer analysis, accountancy etc.
Career can also involve dealing with people in an office and market e.g. typist, insurance agents, advertising agents, salesmen, stenographers etc.
It could also be in the area of Artistic. e.g. sculpture, painting, and visual arts.
Also career that concerns the use of words and manipulation of verbal concept. e.g. actors, actresses, play wrights etc.
There is also careers that involve working with machines and making things with the hand e.g. welders, painters, engineers etc
Finally career could be in the area of human relationships which involves helping individuals e.g. journalism, doctors, lawyers, counseling, broadcasting etc.
For you to choose a career you must examine yourself, ask yourself these questions
1. Will I be happy if I choose this career?
2. What will I offer to others if I go into this career?
3. Am I qualified for this career I intend studying?
4. Am I going into this career for fun or for the money?
Don't choose a career because others are studying it or making huge money from it instead choose a career in an area you can perform very well. Choosing a career has to do with the potentials you have in you. Sit down and examine yourself. What do you love doing, what makes you happy when doing it, do you love constructing things or creating things, discovering new things or calculating and bring solution to problems etc. The best method of choosing a career is by checking the potentials you have as I said above and relating it with a career that has a very close link with your potentials, doing this will make you an expert in that field and you will be known worldwide. That is what your potentials can do for you. Don't neglect your potentials because of money or any other reasons, there are many who are regretting now because of the mistake they made when choosing their career. Many are starting all over again because of their mistakes. I don't want you to be part of that situation, take my advice and you will be great, happy and ok with life. So friends having seen different types of career, you should choose a career that will boast your ego and not one that will tarnish your image. If this article have helped you in choosing and knowing your career, subscribe and become a member of this blog. There are great articles that will be published and also don't forget to drop a comment.
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