How To Choose A Career As A Student

 Let's take a quick meaning of a career before proceeding on how to choose a career as a student. According to the new edition of Longman dictionary, "A career is a job or profession that you have been trained for, and which you do for a long period of your life". Having defined the meaning of a career, let us talk on how to choose a career as a student. There are many existing careers in the world, but I will group them for a better understanding.
Some careers involve knowing "how" and "why" that is, the area of natural science. e.g. meteorology, astronomy etc.
Some involve recording, categorizing of information and performing mathematical operation on data. e.g. computer analysis, accountancy etc.


Why Do Students Fail In Exam

There are good number of reasons why student fail in exam, but I will be dealing on three which I think is the main reason students fail in exam (school)
I. The mind-set:- The mind-set of a student going to write an exam plays a vital role of him or her coming out to be the best or the worst (failure). How is your mind-set when you are preparing to sit for an exam? I want you to be the judge because you know yourself more than anyone, have you decided before or presently to do malpractice? that is taking some material you will use to cheat in the exam hall. Maybe you have the assurance that your best friend or lecturer (teacher) will assist you in the exam hall. If a student have decided to do any of these before taking an exam, he or she is most likely to fail because you may be caught cheating or the supervisor may be too vigilant that you may not be able to cheat, therefore making you to fail the exam, but a student who studies very well will move confidently to the exam coming out successfully. When you have confident on yourself you will not be distracted.

After doing few analyses I discovered that most students, who have a wrong mind-set for their exams, do not bother to study their books because they have confident in their friends and their cheat book which they will use in writing the exam.

2. Bad companionship: I think bad friends can make a student to fail an exam, when you have friends who do not have the zeal to read their books, all they enjoy doing is going for party, smoking, drinking, and chasing women/men those type of students don’t have the time to study their books therefore making him or her to fail in exam.

3. The pattern of reading: - It is believed that reading and studying your books will make you pass your exams. There are those who read but end up with failure, this is where we talk about Five Mechanisms Of Sitting To Read

How do you read your book when preparing for your exams? Some student read a particular topic thinking the question will be taking from the topic they have read, reaching the exam hall they discover they were wrong and that lead to their failure.
As a student, has this post helped you? Check yourself and know where you are wrong, start making things right so you can pass your exams with good grades.

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Why Is It Important To GO To SChool

Today I will be telling you "why it is important or necessary to go to school?" A school is an institution where group of people gather to learn and acquire knowledge, there are those who don't want to go to school, just like a friend of my who don't see school as anything good or important, he do say "there are many who went to school to study medicine, law or engineering after graduating they where not able to do the job of a lawyer or a doctor, because they where not enable to get a job, later they end up as a driver or cleaner in the hospital" that is his reason about going to school which is wrong.
          It is important to go to school, though going to school does not guarantee you a big job, where you will be paid fat money into your bank account every day, week or month, their are those who make huge sum of money every day, week or month without even going to school or without even doing what they studied in school, "yes what you are saying is true" I know you will say that, but also have it in mind that school is vital for all whether you are a rich or a poor person.


How to pass my post ume and jamb exam

For those who are eagerly looking for the best and easy way to pass your post ume exam, you are already in the right place just feel at home as we move on, i will be giving you simple steps you need to take in other to pass your exams without stress, make sure you drop a comment after reading this, lets move on to the steps to take in order to pass your post ume exams:

1) BE FOCUS: Always put your mind towards your goal either to be a lawyer, engineer, accountant etc, always focus on your goal.

2) READ YOUR BOOKS: Reading has always been difficult for many student, i have written on five mechanism of sitting down to read which you can visit here => http://chibenze-alltopic.blogspot.com/2012/06/five-mechanisms-of-sitting-to-read.html?m=1
Note: In post ume exams they only focus on the subjects of the course you intend studying, so it makes it easier for you to study. For those in science and sometimes act try to add little mathematics in your study, because i could remember when i wrote my post ume in uniport (university of portharcourt), medicine and surgery was the course i intend studying, i read my physic, chemistry, english and biology my favorite subject, on the day of my exam i went into the exam hall with boldness, in uniport they write post ume exam on computer not with paper, so i sat down login and start answering the question, to my greatest surprise i saw about 10 maths question and there are about 50 question in all and just 30mins to answer all, that was what reduce my score, so my advise to you is to be time cautious make sure you add a little maths when reading and studying your books.

3) FEAR NOT: Fear is one of the greatest killer for someone who wants to pass his or her post ume, do not be intimidated by the number of people you see writting the same course with you, someone who fear has already been defeated and has already fail 89% of his or her post ume, never you allow fear to over shadow you, because someone who is afraid can never concentrate, try and free your mind, if possible sing inspirational songs, speak to yourself, encourage and give hope to yourself, if you are able to remove fear in you, then you are already on the road to success.

4) ANSWER THE ONES YOU NO: When answering your questions make sure you answer the ones you no first before attempting to answer others.
Note: when answering your questions, make sure you answer your english first before moving to other subject, it is believe and proof that english will help to boost your score, because it is a general subject and a language spoken everytime.

5) FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: There are instructions in every exam, especially in post ume exam, You have to follow the instructions in other for your work to be accepted, make sure you read the instruction very well before you start answering any question, I will be listing out few instructions, but note they may be different in other university.
i) use this format when shading (-)
ii) do not shade two answer in a question
iii) make sure you write your name, reg number, jamb score and your 1st and 2nd choice university in your answer sheet
iv) make sure you start at the appropriate time given to you and make sure your answer sheet is not tear, because if it is tear the computer marking the answer sheet may reject your work.

6) WISH YOU SUCCESS: If you can follow there easy step, you will be admitted this year (you will pass your post ume) if this post was helpful to you, why not drop a comment, after dropping your comments make sure you subscribe to this blog, so you can be recieving great articles straight to you email.


Five academic problems students encounter in the classroom

This is a very big problem which some students have found themselves in and cannot help it.

CAUSES: People sleep in the classroom especially when the classroom is quiet or it the teacher/lecturer starts teaching and every where becomes quiet, they fall into sleep.

SOLUTION: If you want to stop sleeping in the classroom, you will form the habit of jotting or writing your own personal notes in the class while the lesson is going on. If you are idle or looking at the teacher/lecturer only, you will be tempted to sleep but if your hand is busy in the class, your eyes will know no sleep.

Some student are always carried away from the classroom when the lecture is going on.
Absent mindedness is a situation where a student will be in the classroom, looking at the teacher/lecturer who is teaching but not seeing the teacher or even hearing from him/her.

CAUSES: Students who always get carried away while having lectures is as a result of thinking about so many things while you are still in the classroom. If you allow so many thoughts to flow into your mind you will start thinking or imaging may be about your house, business, car, children, clothes & fashion, friends etc.

SOLUTION: Students who suffer from this problem should also adopt the habit of jotting or making private notes in the class while learning from the teacher. Two things happens when you are jotting in the classroom as the teacher/lecturer delivers his/her lectures
i) As you are jotting, you are putting your mind, body and soul together towards listening and making meaning out of the lesson.
ii) As your mind, body and soul are together you will gain total concentration and instead of thinking about personal affairs, you will be thinking about what to write from the mouth of the lecturer/teacher.

Some students who have suffered confusion in the head while taking lectures/lessons in the class have practically resorted to tiredness and weakness in the class while some others are still strong and capable of listening to more of the lesson. If you stop understanding the lectures, you will get tired of sitting for more of the lessons.

CAUSE: When you miss out of the explanations or procedures given by the lecturer/teacher, you will become confused and it may not be easy for you to come back.

SOLUTION: The skill jotting in the class will go along way to assist you while you are having a lecture/lesson in the class. Three thing jotting can do to stop confusion:
i) As you are writing down the explanations, you will be following the lesson step by step.
ii) Even if you miss out you can easily trace your way back to the root.
iii) You can ask meaningful questions because you will derive it from your jottings.

This is the pinching problem that students encounter in their academical life. So many students today like reading but their problem is that they don't understand what they read.

CAUSE: Students who suffer this is as a result of reading text books and note books which they are not familiar with or have no common idea about. If you don't pay attention in the classroom when lecture/lesson is being delivered, you cannot understand the text or note book on that lesson if you are reading it alone.

SOLUTION: You must pay full attention to the lesson while in classroom. You must also form the habit of jotting in class while the lecturer/teacher is explaining.

Three things happens when you are jotting in the classroom.
i) When you are jotting while the lecturer/teacher is explaining, it means you are becoming familiar with words that you will eventually see in text or note book.
ii) As you are jotting down important points of the lecture/lesson, you are developing your understanding abilities over each topic of the text book
iii) Whenever you want to read your book, then bring out the jotter and read it first so that you can transfer whatever you understand from it to the text book because they are saying the same thing.

So many students cannot concentrate in the class while the lecture/lesson is going. This is because of some certain actions and activities that you perform in the classroom which is ready to distract you completely from the lesson.

CAUSE: When you sit very far from the lecturer/teacher, you may not concentrate fully. And also when the lecture is going, you will be distracted.

SOLUTION: If you want to concentrate in the classroom without distraction, you must learn how to avoid casual discussion in the class while the lecturer/teacher is teaching. Also, you must try and sit closer to the lecturer in the lecture hall so that you can look straight into the eyes of the lecturer/teacher.


Five mechanisms of sitting to read

Many students cannot sit down to read even for at least one good hour but if you cannot sit down to read for at least two hours every day, you cannot be a good student. Students who want to read for at least 2 hours every day must apply these studying skills.

The environment where you can stay and read will encourage or discourage you from long-time reading.
i) To find a good environment for reading, you must consider the two environment that exist i.e. quiet and noisy environment.
ii) Then, find out within yourself where your brain can be comfortable.
iii) Most students and their brains prefer quiet environment for reading more than those of noisy environment, just like me, i like quiet environment when i want to study such as library, quiet classroom etc.

If you want to sit down and read for at least 2-3 hours everyday, you must consider your health and also perform some physical exercise before you sit down to read.

For health conditions, you must not read when you are having any form of body pains or disorder e.g stomach ache and headache because your mind will work best only when you are sitting down to read under a good health conditions.

For exercise, it is very important that you will engage in a little body exercise so that you can stretch every part of your body. You can believe with me that some people will start having pains just 30 minutes after they have started reading around their neck and around their waist which is as a result of poor immediate body exercise before you sit down.

You can sit down and read for at least 3 hours if you can form the habit of looking into your books often especially on daily basis. If you can decide on your own to choose any particular time in the day to interact with your book may be, 3-4, 3-5 or 3-6 ie 1, 2, 3, hours respectively everyday, reading will become part of you.

The mind is likely to be ready to read and study if a permanent time of the day is provided for it and also the mind will perform its various functions if they are taught so.

To cover enough class work, rapid reading and increasing your scope of understanding, you need to improve your reading ability, you can improve your reading abilities if you start reading materials that are abstract in nature e.g Newspapers, Magazines, Novels and Articles, it will increase your level of reading and understanding abilities.
The more you practise this habits, the more you increase your vocabulary and the speed at which you understand words and its meaning.

You can form a group of three or four for a combine studying because two heads are better than one.

Share the topics in different courses/subjects among yourselves so that each person should prepare for the area given to him/her for the next meeting. Then each person should prepare a set of questions for a test from the area he/she covered and then score each person in the group.

Through this activity a lot of class work will be covered and also prepare ahead of examination period.

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6 key to live an excellent life

1. Humility: the attitude of "who is like me" or "who is my match" is often very disastrous to a person who want to live an excellent life, humility is possessing the nature of a lamb- weak in appearance but strong inside, if you want to get to the top, you must pass through the road of humility, humble yourself, if you really want to live an excellent life.

2. Service: In services one's skill is sharpened, people potentials are examined and exposed when they serve, service is connected to humility, because if you are not humble, you can't serve, lets take an example from a young man named David, he didnt have a good job, but he was a humble boy, who likes serving others, David went out early in the morning to exercise, on his way, he say his neighbour an elderly man washing his car, he quickly took the cloth and water from the man and wash the car for him, the man was very happy and thank david, david kept on going to the mans house every morning to wash his car, A day came when the man called david and told him that, he is about to travel overseer and he will not return anymore, he gave his car, house and 10,000 dollars to david and left. You see, to serve others have a great reward in future.

3. People you associate with: This can make or destroy you excellent life, you can be where you are now in the next 20yrs, the only thing that can help you go front or back (positive or negative) are the kind of people you associate with, you can not associate with a person except two of you have a common goal, if you want to live an excellent life, you must dissociate yourself from people who do not have vision to live an excellent life and also from people whose character has no trace to God.

4. The books you read: Reading good books will increase your desire to get to the top, those who read bad books are always influence by what they read, because any book you read will either influence you positively or negatively, so read good books e.g the richest man in babylon

5. Persistance: Champions are known for their persistent spirit, because no matter the difficulties they face, they will never give up, so be among them.

6. follow God: let us go to the begining, just as fish cannot survive without water, so man can not survive without God, excellent life starts when one traces his link to God#

What is life/ what is life all about

Life is a state of living, it has never be one sweet song all through, it is an experience everyone is passing through every day by day, life is much more of learning, the more we live the more we learn, life is full of game play, but always remember the repercussion (the consequence of every action you take), because the way you make your bed is that same way you will lie on it, never do things because others are doing it, but do it because you are doing the right thing at the right time in the right place, life is very expensive, handle yours with care, it has no duplicate, many today are misusing their life opportunity, thinking that they are the smart ones, but at the end they regret when it is already too late, shoulder never grows taller than the head, so why not follow gradual process, from one step to the other, how to begin is to begin, what ever our hands find doing, we should do it with all our mind, don't keep friends that will
destroy your life, because this life journey cannot be completed on our own, it is only by the grace of God Almighty, because He is the reason of our existance, we are to learn lessons from others mistake.
Life is all about choice, why i said so is because whatever you see someone do, he/she has already made such a decision in his/her mind before exhibiting it, we can overcome life thorns with patient, endurance, self control, hope, love and faith in God, no matter what life turns out to be, lets learn to face it with great courage, poverty has caused many to misuse their life, challenges are meant to be face, so lets face every challenge that comes our way with confidence, life is precious so never envy or think evil against anyone, instead be a helping hand to your friends, brothers, sisters, neighbours etc. The sky will be our limit, there is nothing so precious in this world, except you serving God with all your life, the wealth, riches and material things you gain on earth is all vanity upon vanity, because the very day you breath your last breathe that is the end of the world for you, so don't allow God to meet you unprepared#


How to be successful in life (donot want to be a failure)

To be successful in life is a personal task, a task you need to take personally, success is not for everyone, it is for those who are able to follow the step to success which i will list out:
1. Hardworking: To be successful in life, you must be hardworking, no matter the area you specialize either skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled labour, you must be hardworking, hardworking shows your zeal or hunger to be successful, if you are not ready to be hardworking, you are not ready to succeed, because these is a vital role anyone that wants to be successful should not miss.
2. Focus: To achieve a great height, you must be focus, there are many people you see on the street today, who are not successful, they may be hardworking, sometimes you ask "why are they not successful ?" it is because they donot have a focus, they are not aiming anywhere, all they know is to waste the little resources they are having in things that are not relevant, you have to be focus knowing that you have a target which is to be successful.
3. Determination/believe: To be successful in life, you must be determined, determination is the pillar of success, any who want to be successful must have determination, believe in yourself, believe you will make it in life no matter the situation you see around you, always trust in yourself knowing that one day, you we be in a greater height in life, many are not successful today, because they donot believe in themselve, those who are succeeding in your class, workshop, offices etc. Do you think they are better than you, if you think so, you are making a very big mistake, those great men and women you see arounod you, such as your boss or teacher do you think it is because they are very brilliant that made them to be in that height today, if you think so, you are making a very big mistake, to be intelligent or brilliant donot make any one successful in life, what makes you successful is your determination and believe, do you know why i said so, it is
because many who are brilliant back them in school are no where to be found among those who are successful today, it is only few who made it, when you check those who are not brilliant in school then, most of them are the boss in your office, workshop and other places, the secret to thier success is there believe and determination in themself, so no matter the level your are now, donot give up, donot look down on yourself, believe you will be successful in life and that is how it we be for you.
4. Courage: To be successful in life you must be courageous, you must not entertain fear, always believe yourself, have that boldness inside of you. Donot think as a failure, always think positive in every thing you do, donot allow negative thought to overshadow you, always resist those thought when it comes to your mind
5. Persistance: To persist is to continue doing something in spite of difficulties or oppression, to be successful in life you must persist, to be successful is not an overnight act, it is a continues act, you might not be successful at first, but as you persist continuoly, you will succeed, check back in history you will see successful men and women, also check their record, you will no that they where failures, they have failed many times, but right now they are successful, the secret to their success is that they keep on persisting, no matter how many times they fail, they donot give up, so donot give up if you want to be successful in life
6. Do what is right: Finally, do what is right both in the sight of God and man, if you are one of those looking for a fast (overnight) way to be successful, sorry for you, because you will not succeed, there is no over night way to be successful, you must be hardworking, focus, determine, courageous and persistant to be successful, always ask the Almighty God to help you through Jesus Christ, do you know why i always end with God, it is because He is the supreme being that answers all things, remember anyone who says in his heart that there is no God is a fool....psalm 14:1#


How to get wisdom (all about wisdom)

Wisdom is a gift from God, but wisdom as a word is foolish, those who have wisdom are very wise, but outwardly they are foolish in the eyes of many, you find wisdom more in places where we have low class people, but few in the high class people, I so much love God, he knows why things are that way, wisdom can make a man or woman rich, if he or she wants to, but for those who are poor, it is not because they don't have wisdom, most of them have wisdom, what separate a great man from others is wisdom, there was a man that has wisdom, he is a poor farmer and because of that, he was not recognize in his community, a time came when another community stronger than their own community came to attack them, every one was crying including the king, but the poor man who was not recognized, told the people that he has a solution and all including the king doubted him, he went to the other community as a prophet and gave the other king a gallon of water which he
poison (drug), he told the


How to be great in life/develop your integrity

1. Respect the properties of others : When working under someone or organisation, try your best to take good care of the job giving to you, donot take what donot belong to you, when ever you borrow a thing, try to bring it back in good shape, i mean the way it was giving to you.
2. Listen an respect the opinion of others: Try not to see your opinion as the best and only, you must not accept all what others say, but respect there opinion, donot always say it must be like this, listen to others, you can get little advice that may change your life positively in future.
3. Always try to be peaceful with everyone: To be peaceful is one of the attribute that makes a great man or woman, try your best not to be a trouble maker, but be someone who makes peace and settle matters, Greatness is not wealth, it is a way or behaviour that makes you unique and respected among thousands.
4. Defend those who are oppress: There are those who donot have someone to stand for them, especially those of the low background, and because of that the rich or strong ones, overpower them, if you want to be great in life, you must stand for those kind of people, seek for justice, struggle to make sure they get their liberty.
5. Help those in need: Always help others no matter the little you have, because a man who has ten oranges and cannot give one, we not even give ten if he has hundred oranges, no matter the level you are you can help others, no matter the background or behaviour they act towards you, you have to help them. Put remember if you are great, you are wealthy because greatness brings richest.
6. Enlist the help of others: Go to those who are great to seek advice and secret of their greatness.
7. Integrity: Integrity is the act that makes you great, greatness and integrity are close brothers, you cannot do without them.
8. Finally God: God is the giver of greatness, ask him to help you.
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