How to be great in life/develop your integrity

1. Respect the properties of others : When working under someone or organisation, try your best to take good care of the job giving to you, donot take what donot belong to you, when ever you borrow a thing, try to bring it back in good shape, i mean the way it was giving to you.
2. Listen an respect the opinion of others: Try not to see your opinion as the best and only, you must not accept all what others say, but respect there opinion, donot always say it must be like this, listen to others, you can get little advice that may change your life positively in future.
3. Always try to be peaceful with everyone: To be peaceful is one of the attribute that makes a great man or woman, try your best not to be a trouble maker, but be someone who makes peace and settle matters, Greatness is not wealth, it is a way or behaviour that makes you unique and respected among thousands.
4. Defend those who are oppress: There are those who donot have someone to stand for them, especially those of the low background, and because of that the rich or strong ones, overpower them, if you want to be great in life, you must stand for those kind of people, seek for justice, struggle to make sure they get their liberty.
5. Help those in need: Always help others no matter the little you have, because a man who has ten oranges and cannot give one, we not even give ten if he has hundred oranges, no matter the level you are you can help others, no matter the background or behaviour they act towards you, you have to help them. Put remember if you are great, you are wealthy because greatness brings richest.
6. Enlist the help of others: Go to those who are great to seek advice and secret of their greatness.
7. Integrity: Integrity is the act that makes you great, greatness and integrity are close brothers, you cannot do without them.
8. Finally God: God is the giver of greatness, ask him to help you.
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