Why Do Students Fail In Exam

There are good number of reasons why student fail in exam, but I will be dealing on three which I think is the main reason students fail in exam (school)
I. The mind-set:- The mind-set of a student going to write an exam plays a vital role of him or her coming out to be the best or the worst (failure). How is your mind-set when you are preparing to sit for an exam? I want you to be the judge because you know yourself more than anyone, have you decided before or presently to do malpractice? that is taking some material you will use to cheat in the exam hall. Maybe you have the assurance that your best friend or lecturer (teacher) will assist you in the exam hall. If a student have decided to do any of these before taking an exam, he or she is most likely to fail because you may be caught cheating or the supervisor may be too vigilant that you may not be able to cheat, therefore making you to fail the exam, but a student who studies very well will move confidently to the exam coming out successfully. When you have confident on yourself you will not be distracted.

After doing few analyses I discovered that most students, who have a wrong mind-set for their exams, do not bother to study their books because they have confident in their friends and their cheat book which they will use in writing the exam.

2. Bad companionship: I think bad friends can make a student to fail an exam, when you have friends who do not have the zeal to read their books, all they enjoy doing is going for party, smoking, drinking, and chasing women/men those type of students don’t have the time to study their books therefore making him or her to fail in exam.

3. The pattern of reading: - It is believed that reading and studying your books will make you pass your exams. There are those who read but end up with failure, this is where we talk about Five Mechanisms Of Sitting To Read

How do you read your book when preparing for your exams? Some student read a particular topic thinking the question will be taking from the topic they have read, reaching the exam hall they discover they were wrong and that lead to their failure.
As a student, has this post helped you? Check yourself and know where you are wrong, start making things right so you can pass your exams with good grades.

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