Why Is It Important To GO To SChool

Today I will be telling you "why it is important or necessary to go to school?" A school is an institution where group of people gather to learn and acquire knowledge, there are those who don't want to go to school, just like a friend of my who don't see school as anything good or important, he do say "there are many who went to school to study medicine, law or engineering after graduating they where not able to do the job of a lawyer or a doctor, because they where not enable to get a job, later they end up as a driver or cleaner in the hospital" that is his reason about going to school which is wrong.
          It is important to go to school, though going to school does not guarantee you a big job, where you will be paid fat money into your bank account every day, week or month, their are those who make huge sum of money every day, week or month without even going to school or without even doing what they studied in school, "yes what you are saying is true" I know you will say that, but also have it in mind that school is vital for all whether you are a rich or a poor person.

          The major reason of going to school is to be useful to yourself and to the society at large, a good friend of my will tell you that schooling is an aspect of interaction and association by which we have the opportunity to meet or mingle with people of different norms and values to share and learn from their knowledge and experience vice versa. There is a great difference between a literate and illiterate, I know you will ask me how? It is by the way they talk, respond, laugh, walk, eat and most importantly by the way they present thyself to the society, but the nitty-gritty of all is that, a well educated person will never be a nuisance or less important to the society, it does not matter where he work, but as far as he or she is educated, they are important and respected in the society. we are in a civilized world (computer age), those who are educated are highly respected all over the world, if you don't go to school (be educated) you will be denied of many things, such as you can't fight for your right, nor speak where others are speaking, nor contribute or suggest where other educated ones are suggesting, you will see yourself been mute because you won't even know where to start.

          My dear readers it is important to go to school in order to learn how to live in peace with everyone and to be able to coup with people of different character and behaviour, as for me every day of my life is a learning day, don't believe or have it in mind that you will not be what God want you to be without education, one thing I tell people is that my destiny may be delayed, but it can never be destroy, a none educated person can be more better than an educated person only if he or she has the ability to think and apply common sense and self control to his or her life.

          My advice to you is that let the privilege remember the less privilege, when you are there, think of those who can't afford it and pickup challenge to assist them.
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